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Sales Representative

Area Researcher

You will be expected to gather leads from your area (may opt to choose out of your area but long distance expenses may not be reimbursed). You are responsible for collecting as much information as possible. Needed: a contact name, phone number, mailing address; faxes and emails collected are also helpful but not required to count as a lead. You will be using different methods to collect these leads.

Responsibilities Include
  • Collecting the Names and Contact information of anyone in your area who has filed for a DBA or Business License from 6 months ago to present - usually can be obtained the court house's probate office.
  • Collecting the Names and Contact information of any business that has filed for an incorporation from 6 months ago to present
  • Building and maintaining a lead list from all leads gathered
Skills and Qualifications
  • Experience in research and lead generation helpful but not required
  • Knowledge of the Internet and computer function/operation
  • Motivated by a rewarding commission plan
  • Well organized and can work in a prompt manner

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